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News: if you liked this Jam Game, try out the complete version on Steam, "Lonk's Adventure"

The princess Zulda has been kidnapped again and is being kept at the top of the highest tower of the Dark Castle. Travel to Stuffia Island and help Lonk in his quest to rescue the princess. Also, you can gather a lot of gear on your way. Doesn’t hurt anyone (or does it?…).

Find all the 6 different endings!


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second ending seems impossible :(

@everyone talking about controls:
did you know that you can usually change your control scheme?

I am having a german keyboard, so z is in the top row,

y in the bottom row.
if I wanted to, I could change my keyboard layout to english,
so that the letters respond as they would on an english keyboard.

i can't say for sure about other countries but you can sure switch  to english layout in one way or another.

I am already quitde used to the kind of weird way to hold my left hand to use the z and x button, so I won't change it.

but if you are new to these kinds of games and the x,c,z buttons being apart is a problem, just change the layout to english.
Even though it may be also confusing to press the y button and get a z button reaction.

well, your choice.

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Cool game.
Found all the endings except the one where you collect all the gems and one other ending.
I currently can't even imagine how to get all the gems in one playthrough...

Edit: I found the last mentioned one. Man, that one was so obvious that I completely overlooked it... :-D
Well, onwards to the gem one which is probably the hardest cause I have to think hard which items to get or not to get :-/

EDit edit: by the way, I'm playing the 8 endings version, not the 6 endings one :-)


Thanks for your comment! The gems ending is bugged right now, sorry about that.

I'm currently working on fixing it and also adding many others (I'm planning on adding a LOT of new endings ;).

Will a Windows build also be available? 

There was one, but I decided to drop it because the WebGL version works fine in all platforms and it's easier to use.